Today I'm grateful. Despite all the pain, knowing I can put my skills to work and help others is so wonderful.

And yet, the world always turns in a different direction on my solar system... all I can do is admire the events as they unfold.

Thinking about writing a thesis.

Because quarantine, you know.

Someone DM me on discord asking if I wanted to join their line dance Zoom party (with "the good country music"), and I was waiting until the 4th of July to be introduced to that level of americanness...

Getting girls excited about girl love is very fun.
I want to do it more often :)

I love the impulse that a bad day can give to the next: today has been extremely productive and I'm happily exhausted.

I wished I had had more feedback across the board, but planting the seeds is just as rewarding. Ah, and there has been lots of queer stuff happening in Caribbean music, and we are ready to make the Spanish-speaking world burn 😍 πŸ”₯

Kept working on a resource kit for Spanish speakers, made 50+ calls to our vulnerable members, connecting anyone who needs it with all the resources I can think of and calming as many anxious souls as I can. Process has gotten standardized, so I applied to another organization to give an extra hand. 😊

Volunteering is happiness!


Marked my nail with a measurement to keep my stitches in proper distance. I started worrying that people would think I'm weird, but then I remembered no one will see me so it's fine πŸ˜‚

My friend will look so cute once it's done, can't wait to finish it and see the delight on her face!

Bad pain day. Had to talk and potentially enable my abuser. Had no response for something I was looking forward to. No one to really talk to and get distracted.

But I found my favorite anime in my favorite language to watch it in, and it always makes me feel so much better 😊

Today I'm thankful.

Despite all the uncertainty and fear, I feel blessed that people around me are kind and create a bubble of love and protection around me, even the ones that don't stay for long; such a nice improvement from a year ago.

I'm thankful for my students, who are still interested and willing to accommodate to the situation.

I'm also thankful to my tenant for being so lazy and leaving the password to her WiFi where I could find it; now my laptop has internet 😎 😈

sewing for profit.

Note to self: Sewing lace is extremely hard, a delicate process that requires an extra layer of creativity and detail oriented concentration.

It's extremely rewarding though! This piece is extremely sensual and with a few touches fits as the client requested 🀩

my recipe book.

One of my volunteering pals was panicking over the idea of being in quarantine without decent, edible food. I called her and helped her brainstorm some recipes and ideas she can work with. This made me think that I could help others with this practical knowledge, so I want to be sharp for when anyone needs help cooking or taking care of their home 😊

After a talk with @mxlean and noticing how scary Twitter has gotten, this is the social media I want to spend my Quarantine on.

So, I would like to document my quarantine through a hashtag and do/help as much as I can. QuarantineChronicles? MeOnQuarantine? QuarantineAndChill? Dunno, I'm bad at hashtags if they're not for personal or work purposes :P

Feeling so accomplished today!

Spent my morning learning and speaking French with my Burkinese friend and had my first formal private lesson and got paid on the spot this afternoon!

I'm trying to use these wins and make myself believe I will make everything be ok.

I also got two presents yesterday, and suprises always make me feel like people care about me, and it makes me feel less isolated and broken. 😊

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It's been a weird couple of days.

Lot of pain, lots of fear.

And I want this space to be where I'm my best self, where I'm helpful and happy, and I haven't been, so I've stayed away.

My sleeping was a mess for the longest time, but last night I could hear people call my name in a dream, and it comforted me in the best sleep I've had in weeks.

I had been scared of erasing who I was, but I'm glad this name makes me feel more like me, and less like my situation.

Helping queers with home design, cleaning and decoration is my new hobby now.

I love to use my basic skills to improve someone's life within a space.

Feeding them is also a wonderful plus.😊

I crave
Not love, but connection
I dream of the possibility of being support of another being.
No need for conditionals
Just pure safety in a bubble we create for that person to thrive and become stronger, healed and at peace.
I would like that to be, despite all known forms of human interaction.
A simple agreement of ample energy
Space in existence where all wrongs and rights are defined by us, forgetting everything we think we know.
Until it only feels good.


I'm looking forward to all I have to do the rest of the week.
Went to therapy for the first time yesterday, and it left my brain processing tons of things, some of which I wrote down on my way back to work last night.

Today, I need to actively focus on self care, reading, and writing. And obviously cleaning because I'm an ball of anxiety and that's the best way to make it useful.

Anyways, here's a pic of my friend Rocco 😊

How is it that Americans order food online? I'm so confused...

I downloaded Grubhub.

Please send help .-.

There's a lot on my mind for this week. I'll be caring for someone's cat, and I'm allowed to stay at her cozy place.

The potential of us becoming friends it's lovely, since we share a lot in common and I would love to have a new friend now before I get too comfortable within myself.

She also needs an non-shy person to get courage to talk to girls, so I know I will be useful πŸ˜‚

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