somewhere in the back of my mind I always thought I'd end up in Denver. it was always the hip and cool big city my family would visit, it feels exceptionally strange being in this place as a grown up, almost like a piece of clothing that no longer fits

quote of the day:

"To listen and to tell a rush of stories is a method. And why not make the strong claim that it is a science in addition to knowledge? Its research object is contaminated diversity; its unit of analysis is the indeterminate encounter."

- Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, "The Mushroom At The End Of The World"

it's day two of skiing, today's question: what should I do now that I know I'm capable of skiing @ the same level I was before surgery?

skiing is the only thing I've consistently had throughout my life which reminds me that I have a body and that I'm in control of it. I move by shifting weight, quick reactions, aware of myself as a thing that exists in space.

it's so good

just thinking about becoming the weird trans lady with all the plants in her front yard with other queers coming and going at all hours

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"for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry."

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my house will be for all people
who have no place to go
my supply of shining crystals
a shield against the snow
there's more like me where I come from
so mark our shapes

go down to the netherworld
plant grapes

it's a new week and I have lots to do! Packing for a move in three weeks and packing for a trip this weekend to see my family. Excited for the prospect of both, but not so much for the process of getting there.

today, I get to ride my motorcycle for the first time since surgery, and I am pulsing with excitement. Gonna ride through all the curvy roads up in the hills aaaaah!

I love flirting with people who I already know have mutual crushes lol

I'm on my way to work on a bright sunny morning across the beautiful Bay, got complimented on my hair this morning, and going to a friend's poetry reading tonight.

lovely lovely lovely

got my 80s dot matrix printer working, I plan to write a series of prose poems printed on carbon copy paper about authenticity and technology

thinking about interactive fiction as installation pieces, as text on old computer terminals

in keeping w the mood of the server, just thinking about camping w @clarity n @cayce rn which sounds quite delightful

Riverside 🏞 Camp

A small place for friends to gather, quiet without being isolated. A place for being creative, or playful, or just human.