- haven’t been online much bc i’ve been having the most perfect lesbian weekend getaway and i feel like i’m living the fullness of the life i always wanted...

on the way back to toronto now, and i couldn’t be more full of love and good gender vibes and hope for a gay and joyous year to come

!! i’m in albany, having an absolute blast with my gf - makin music, being gay, ignoring pOLiTiCs on twitter, finally feeling like spring has come and i’m stepping into the sun ☀️ ☺️🐭💐✨〰 good good vibes

the mushroom at the end of the world - aka the text that is effortlessly synthesizing all my education and beliefs about politics and design and ecology together ... i’ve slept on this book for too long!

(it’s also reaaaally feeding my Latour fandom)

been feeling absolutely incredible in the gender lately, now that my hair is longer and i can wear it up or in a ponytail.... just the best 😌

i worked up the courage to have a difficult conversation and advocate for myself, and it went really well. growth! 😌

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thanks be to all for t4t love, my goodness what a holy force in this world . . . to never again have to wonder “could I find a person who is as specifically dorky and enthusiastic as me about the odd sorts of beauty”

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