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@JadeCJones eternally grateful for your deep well of practical knowledge and your openness to sharing that with others

@lizardwitch “unprecedented life circumstances” describes my last six months very well so I really feel this. Hope you’re staying on your feet alright.

This is a pleasantly slow-moving server so checking in once a week or so honestly seems like a perfect cadence if you’re not following people from elsewhere.

@mxlean god it's so rough there, I really wasn't prepared for how terrible the fare system was

@JadeCJones I think there are few things more important than seeking out the things that make you feel more like yourself. I’m glad you’ve found one 💖

@mxlean I did a lot of research on orbital mechanics and how one would perceive time on all the planets a few years ago for a sword-and-planet setting, it’s really interesting to think how culturally tied we are to our astronomical circumstance

@mxlean tidal locking and orbital mechanics in general are so beautiful. did you know the mercury is resonant with the sun at a 3:2 ratio? so it rotates exactly three times for every two orbits. This means there’s an occurrence that happens in some places on the surface where the sun appears to slow down, stop, and reverse course temporarily, before reversing again and resuming its path

@mxlean oooh this is so cute, I love having the astronomical info in there

@mxlean aaah I am so excited for the day I eventually get into hardware... I want my tools to make sense

@cayce I’m sooo glad you had the chance to do this trip :) excited to hear about it soon~ still down for our call?

@stellari @mxlean yeah that's a pretty one. I have several but my main deck is The Wild Unknown, which I like quite a bit

@cayce yayyyyy i'm so glad you were able to do this trip :)

@cara wow can we go skiing together someday? used to do it all the time before I left AK

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