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hey if you are stressed at how dirty it is and you are thinking about sweeping are you....broominating

It’s interesting because there’s three classes of stakeholder here: the maintainers/workers, the content-producers, and the subscribers. You’d need to be very thought about how you divide power, and particularly how the maintainers and producers stay accountable to each other

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Thinking in full serious what it would take to build a cooperative alternative to patreon.

The software infrastructure isn’t too advanced so it’s really just a matter of organizational models and legal stuff

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Queer Eye but it's five we making a difference

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imagine an internet that was ran like a utility. one where it was the norm to run a little box server at your home that you run your services on (email, mastodon, file storage, etc), and there was a whole industry of unionized repair people who would come to your house and fix up your custom home server to make sure it stays safe and is working to your needs

Riverside 🏞 Camp

A small place for friends to gather, quiet without being isolated. A place for being creative, or playful, or just human.