I got that joie de vivre, the it’s really nice to see old friends kind, the I keep thinking vividly about how hot my new friends are kind, the 8:30am work schedule is really working for me kind

trauma / ptsd-ish vibes 

teenager in 2050 listening to black dresses: ugh this old people music is so boring, it's barely resonating my skull

tall just straight up autocorrects to y’all I guess. like a tall girl but also a y’all girl, where y’all refers to the majority of peepl reading this, who are tall girls

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this is it how goes. I see a pretty y’all girl mutual follower experience the euphoria of getting a haircut witj bangs for the first time. I remember she has a book of poetry I’ve been meaning to read, so I add her name to the list. life is good!

pay day bagel and then, saving money for to go somewhere nice with my wife

the songs of beach bunny are the most het thing that has yet made me feel girly

like I don’t really relate, as a non-passing gorl for whom nice boots were an *essential* transition item. but the phrasing of “Dude, hi” as please see me as a person not a hypothetical. it’s perfect.

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we hang our laundry on a clothing rack in the living room / kitchen area below my sister’s painting of a freaky angel and my black dress with the pink heart and collar (aka currently my one dress that fits) is hanging closest to the door, so as I am leaving my apartment I am reminded of how cute and real it is to express girl in a way I do not most days. I think I’m going to keep it there.

thanks be to all for t4t love, my goodness what a holy force in this world . . . to never again have to wonder “could I find a person who is as specifically dorky and enthusiastic as me about the odd sorts of beauty”

this guy from my high school class does battle rap and honestly . . . if you like r/hobbydrama type intrigues there seems to be a whole generational schism within this niche sport-art packed into these bars lol twitter.com/fraktheperson/stat

if I were to start saying in bocca al lupo to y’all it’s because I work with some italians and it’s nice to wish success for yr friends without having to invoke luck (always looking for a secular godspeed equivalent) in a way that is totally metal

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