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Wow. You people really liked those oak trees posted yesterday. 😳 Here are a few more images from the same location.

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I bought myself a copy of my favorite book to be read as a kid. Bitterstrange and sweet, fairytale and from the right angles, (or the wrong ones) very trans in a wandering way

my immediate polycule are all so practical?

If i ever have a long span where I don't have to wprk, and don't have to worry so much about my sleep, I would like to take up lucid dreaming...

I always forget that the changes you undergo with a change of space I a physical transformation in addition to mental? All my my rhythms, my muscles, my bones, settling into a slightly different way of being

My phone decided to make a little video of my world goth day walk and it is pretty cute

reminder 2 self: fire up the bread machine next time u are high <3

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ah.... the smell of bread baking..... πŸ’š

I'm feeling a soft and floating sadness this morning. I would like to be a tree today and just breathe and just grow and just feel the sun and the wind. 🌳

how are you? what would you like to be, today?

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(one must assume Celary is..... working from home from her tent? certainly, yes, that must be true)

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Since turning on my work laptop today, there has been a little floating pop-up reading "The Dear Hunter"

there is no related context I can find, nor can I interact with it? am i bring hunted??

oof, this is a very lonely time

maybe I'll.......
start a pop-up roleplaying server?

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