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I didn't get to finish my second project in metalworking class, but here is my first one! A nice coin, with a satisfying weight.


staying in my house has never been so exhausting, so i am very glad to have this little camp 🌱

trying to muster creative works in this strange home space, but for the moment I am only disassociating and playing a lot of minecraft, where I am building a nice treehouse


followed the wistful sound of panflute thru the streets of downtown until i found the musician and bought i think the 3rd(?) cd i have ever purchased

made it thru the dentist!! πŸ˜“πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‘

(I tried to offer them some birdseed but they all flew away, cawing)

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*Celary descends her rope ladder carefully, cradling a plastic container under one arm of what has now become Riverside-temperature soup.
It hadn't talked again since this morning, and it didn't feel right to just eat it, but she didn't have a refrigerator in her tent, and this would be her first time building a shrine inside of a refrigerator if she did...*

*clicks to open spotify*
*while it is opening, looks down and has a spoonful of soup*
brain: "why isn't the soup making sound...?"


feeling the special rush of having run to catch a bus and having caught it πŸš€

Happy Wednesday, all πŸ’š

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Riverside 🏞 Camp

A small place for friends to gather, quiet without being isolated. A place for being creative, or playful, or just human.